The outbreak of the Coronavirus, and the resulting effects to the job market, have been catastrophic, and for most of us, completely unexpected. If you are a contractor and you have entered the Covid-19 phase without a contract, it can be a worrying and concerning time, especially if there are no opportunities on the horizon. It can be tempting to sit back during this time, but this is the best possible time to maximise your marketing campaign. As a contractor, you are basically your own small business, and it is important to view yourself as such, especially when you’re looking for work. These are some positive steps you can take as a contractor during lockdown. Here are 5 ways to handle Covid-19 as a Contractor.

Content Marketing

As a contractor, you want to show yourself as an expert in your field, and one way to do this is by creating interesting content. What areas are you experienced in? What topics within this would be interesting to potential clients? Good quality content is a great way to grab attention and promote your business. It can be difficult to do this when you’re working, and if you’re in-between contracts, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on your content.

Acquire New Skills

If you’re struggling to find work within your own skillset, why not acquire new skills for contracts which are more in demand? Conduct a bit of research to see what contractor opportunities are currently being advertised, and work on some online courses, if possible. Many organisations such as Oracle and SAP are offering free online courses. We found a site that seeks to track new free courses. Worth a bookmark! Even if you can’t find anything imminently to support your job search, there are other options which may help in the future, including social media courses, managing your accounts etc. If you are out of work, especially in the current circumstances, it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated. It is vital for your mental health though and gaining new skills will help make you more employable.

Invest in Social Media

Even if you don’t directly pick up any work through social media, is a great way to network and increase your branding. Most people are on social media these days, and it is well worth investing in. You are a business, and most businesses are on social media, so it is important to have a presence. A social media presence shows professionalism and it reflects how much you value your business. The purpose of digital marketing is to be remembered by a potential hirer looking for someone like you. The best posts are those that connect with and add value to your target audience.


There is a lot of power in networking, especially when you’re looking for work. Many businesses are on hold now and recruitment levels are low, but by investing in networking now, it will pay off when life goes back to some normality. This is a good time to reconnecting with your network, including companies who hire contractors, previous colleagues etc, and LinkedIn is the best tool for this purpose. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and that you have plenty of recommendations which reflect the value you can offer any business.

Build Intellectual Property

You may also want to spend time building your intellectual property, such as accelerators, tools that you have often had to re-do at most client engagements. These are things which are often put off, but it is an important step and one which can be done while you’re in between work. To be able to tell a potential hirer that you can be productive in half time as others – because of tools and models you have is a great selling point.

The Coronavirus epidemic is concerning, especially for contractors who are out of work. But by making good use of your time by building your brand, you will come out the other end in a great position, successfully handle Covid-19 as a contractor and ready to find your next contract.

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