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“I’ve tried but haven’t been able to fully staff my team”… Is this you?

Then you’re in the right place.

Most clients found us after having tried very hard to find ideal hires for their Digital Transformation programmes.

Surprisingly, the problems were rarely about what our clients were willing to pay. Our clients simply had the wrong people looking for their hires, probably in the wrong place, and possibly at the wrong time.

At Mindful, we craft team-fulfilment strategies keeping the ebb and flow of the candidate pool in mind. Our deep knowledge of the state of the market informs the approach we take to secure that perfect resource you were vying for.

With our experience of working on transformation programmes, we are better able to represent our clients’ interests to candidates – making sure that at the pre-hire stage, no good candidate is kept “waiting for the client to come back”.

If you like the sound of this, read on about how we can help you.

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We are a Crown Commercial Supplier with a presence on the Digital Marketplace under G-Cloud 12, DOS and Bloom. Our Government Clients have engaged us through the frameworks for over 3 years. We are Cyber-Essentials certified and a Safer Jobs partner.

Problems Our Services Solve

We help Digital Transformation programmes achieve positive outcomes. Take a look at the services we offer below to find out exactly what problems we can help you solve.

Programme Services

With our Programme Services, we seek to help you build a high-calibre client-side function that can operate on terms that are attractive to the best client-side professionals.

Managed Commercial Services

With our Managed Commercial Services, you’ll have the experts in your corner when it comes to procuring and managing high value commercial contracts and suppliers.

You don’t have time to recruit

Recruiting top talent can be a lengthy and drawn-out process. We understand that more often than not, you will be too busy to recruit.

With our fully managed resourcing solution, we can quickly fill the gaps in your programme team with as little input from you as possible.

You want a high quality team with Government digital transformation experience

Without a top-notch client-side team holding your fort, you are at a high risk of ending up with a programme that delivers late and costs more. As programme practitioners ourselves, we know what it takes to build a high-quality team.

We employ bespoke strategies to attract and retain best-in-class professionals, who aren’t just good at what they do but can also work well with each other as a cohesive unit. They’ve been there, done it, and share a common understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

You want to engage talent outside IR35

The cream of contractor talent will always have a choice of outside-IR35 clients to work with and the pool of available candidates for inside IR35 positions will always be smaller.

We seek to help you build a high-calibre client-side function that can operate on terms that are attractive (outside IR35) to the best client-side professionals.

You want an expert consultant for a new area of work

If you are engaged on a new area of work, chances are your existing staff haven’t encountered the relevant suppliers and their working dynamics.

We bring consultants who have done it many times before, who intimately understand the pitfalls and can help your team to avoid them.

You want procurement and commercial management support

We represent your interests in procurement and ongoing commercial management of high value contracts with your strategic suppliers. Often, this takes the form of a high-calibre commercial consultant deployed full-time and acting on your behalf.

Through our early and dedicated commercial participation we seek to ensure lasting positive outcomes for you and your supply chain.

You want a business-to-business service

We see commercial services as much wider than just provision of a contractor. We work with you in the service definition phase in order to make the requirement a business-to-business service rather than a personal service.

This allows you to approve the assignment as an outside IR35 assignment, and opens you up to a whole new market for commercial talent. Our commercial expertise means this isn’t a service you can expect from a recruitment consultancy.

Are We The Right Fit For You?

We’re the Right Fit For People…

Who want to ‘manage’ (IR35) risk

Who crave for a trusted partner to get on with it

Who will compromise cost for quality

Who like the phrase “fit for purpose”

We’re the Wrong Fit For People…

Who want to ‘avoid’ risk

Who wish to multi-source every task every time

Who will compromise quality for cost

Who like the phrase “dotting i’s and crossing t’s”

Want To Work With Us But Need A Chat?

Our Values

Hands on top of each other


You will always find us on the same side as you. Our objective is that your Major Programme is a success.



We will act on your word, in order for you to be quick and agile in securing talent in the fast-moving contract market.

Balanced weighing scales


Our value proposition to you and our network associates will always remain balanced and best in class.

Two people on a mountain


We will always say it as we see it. No candidate will be oversold. You’ve got to get your team right.

Meet The Team

As believers in the power of contract and freelance talent we are an incredibly small fixed team.

We focus more on the client-subcontractor relationship – rather than becoming an industry of our own. We flex up and down as necessary through the use of our business services outsourcing suppliers.

Our operational costs are always sustainable, such that our customers and subcontractors benefit from our low margins.

Picture of the Director of Mindful Contract
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Amit Kapoor

Director, Sales & Commercial Delivery

Amit is an engineer and an MBA from Cranfield. He holds MCIPS and IACCM certification and is a poacher turned game-keeper having spent his early career working for IT organisations. Amit is the key touchpoint for our clients for all escalations and provides Contracts and Commercial management services to our clients. With the Court of Appeal and several barrister chambers in his YouTube feed, Amit loves to follow developments in Commercial case-law. He is also an avid mindfulness practitioner.

Ridhima Kapoor

Director, Administration

Ridhima holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce and is working towards a Recruitment Resourcer qualification. She is accountable for the full lifecycle of operations in respect of our subcontractor network: right from sifting, vetting and onboarding associates to running the bill and pay operations. She has an eye for process improvement that helps our business scale in a manageable way. Outside of work, Ridhima enjoys keeping tabs on the local housing market and also loves organising community events.

Nicholas Tate

Business Support Executive

Nick is the newest member of our team and has joined Mindful permanently after completing a successful 10-week internship with us. He is a recent graduate from the University of Sussex, where he attained a BSc in Business and Management Studies. In his role as Business Support Executive, Nick manages our marketing campaigns, as well as supporting our procurement consultancy and commercial management projects. Away from work, Nick is a keen runner and enjoys playing football and tennis.

Our Network of Associates

The backbone and the delivery engine of our model are our network of associates who operate as our subcontractors. These range from commercial experts to technology specialists to business architects.

Typically our subcontractors will be not only highly skilled in their area but also have delivered a number of successful assignments for Government programmes.

Each member of our network is either introduced to us by others in our network, known to our clients, or is carefully screened as our reputation depends on the quality of service they provide.

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