If you’re a Programme Leader, think back to the last digital transformation programme you were involved in.

In the first few months, what consumed the majority of your focus?

If you are like many of our clients, we suspect your answer is interim recruitment. For example, you were either:

  • Preparing long briefs
  • Chasing your agency,
  • Reviewing piles of CVs, or
  • Interviewing several people.

Sure, interim recruitment is important – as without a top-notch client-side team holding your fort, you are at a high risk of ending up with a programme that delivers late and costs more…

But research suggests that only 22% of digital transformation programmes achieve their goals. So wouldn’t YOUR time in the early months be better spent on critical-to-success primary matters such a business change and stakeholder alignment?

At Mindful we think organisations would be best placed outsourcing their interim recruitment – so Programme Leaders can spend more of their time on programme delivery.

This is why we created our Programme Interims service – a frictionless interim recruitment service that will help save you countless hours!

So have a look at our blog post below (which we’ve tried to make as unbiased as possible) to see if our Programme Interims service is right for you…

What is our Programme Interims service?

With our Programme Interims service, we will help you build an amazing client-side team without spending 100s of hours on recruitment.

But how do we do it?

Well, as programme practitioners ourselves, we know what it takes to build a high-quality team.

We employ bespoke strategies to attract and retain best-in-class professionals, who aren’t just good at what they do but can also work well with each other as a cohesive unit.

They’ve been there, done it, and share a common understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

But more than that. We know that quite often you will be too busy to recruit. That’s why we only need 10 minutes of your time before we start finding your ideal team members.

Are you serious about briefs taking only 10 minutes?

Yes, you did hear that right – we really do only need 10 minutes of your time! 

Unlike recruiters who know little about technology, we are digital transformation practitioners who are experts at recruiting.

With extensive experience working on transformation programmes, we can predict job descriptions based on the skills you need and the stage your programme is at. Our working practices ensure that briefing conversations are kept short and simple.

In our blog post, Programme Staffing – Why Recruitment Should Be Outsourced, we explore why programmes should consider outsourcing recruitment.

What’s included with our Programme Interims service?

  • Programme assurance and project management
  • Functional and technical consultancy
  • Testing and support services
  • Business change and benefits management
  • Systems security expertise
  • Solutions and technical architecture services
  • Data architecture and migration services
  • Oracle Cloud pathfinder programme team members
  • Outside IR35 service: Multiple layers of protection

What services are available?

We have two services available with our Programmes Interim service – an Oracle Cloud pathfinder team as a service, or a Managed Service for Digital Transformation programmes.

Below we have explored each service in-depth so you can decide which is most suited for your organisation.

Service 1: Oracle Cloud pathfinder team as a service

Your path to the Cloud, simplified!

What is it?

With our Oracle Cloud pathfinder team as a service, you’ll inherit a proven team for your journey to the Cloud.

We’ll supplement your skills with subject matter expertise and industry-leading practitioners, to both speed up and de-risk even the most challenging digital transformation projects.

Who is this for?

This would suit customers who have their Oracle implementation/upgrade business case approved within their organisations – with a start date in or around Dec 2021.

Service 2: Managed Service for Digital Transformation programmes

Optimise chances of transformation success!

What is it?

With our Managed Service for Digital Transformation programmes, you’ll have experienced interims in your corner to help reframe the skill gaps in your in-house team.

We will own the service fulfilment, ensuring your existing team are least distracted by staffing activities.

Who is this for?

This would suit organisations embarking on any digital transformation programme with an external spend over £10m.

To get the best value from this service, a high calibre client-side team needs to be placed to ensure high quality requirement specifications, bid validation, change management, technical and functional consultancy, and review of SI deliverables.

How much does our Programme Interims service cost?

You may be thinking this sounds expensive!

However, here at Mindful, our operational costs are always sustainable, such that our customers and subcontractors benefit from our low margins. We are not the cheapest resourcing solution out there nor are we testing the limits of what we can get away with.

We prefer taking only exclusive work – but we promise to give you the benefit of wide job market coverage, of the kind you would get from multi-sourcing your roles.

Our full list of prices can be found here:

Who is it for?

Our Programme Interims service is not for everyone and we only want you to use it if it’s right for you.

This hiring service is for Programme Leaders who…

  • Want to inherit a high-quality, winning team!
  • Want to deliver a gold standard approved Government Digital Transformation initiative.
  • Don’t have time to recruit – you crave a trusted partner to get on with it.
  • Wouldn’t mind trading cost for high quality. You want to see amazing results from your team and are happy to pay a little extra for best-in-class interim professionals.

Who’s used us?

We have been engaged with a great Department of State, and provide a managed service focused on their Oracle Cloud programme with 40+ programme professionals.

Who will you put forward?

The candidates we will put forward will not only be highly skilled in their area of work but also have delivered several successful assignments for Government programmes.

Furthermore, each member of our network is either introduced to us by others in our network, known to our clients or is carefully screened as our reputation depends on the quality of service they provide.

Here at Mindful we always aim to propose right first time hires. In fact, 90% of our clients choose a consultant from the first 3 we propose. This statistic only gets better the longer a client works with us as we learn what you like and what you dislike.

Do you help find subcontractors?

Absolutely. We use our recruitment partners to search the market and present you with the best options. It’s a great way of growing the list of known contractors. 

Why have we created it?

The reason we created our Programme Interims service was to optimise our clients’ chances of transformation success!

Led by programme practitioners, not recruiters, our service enables you to take a hands-off approach to hiring.

We are big proponents of outsourcing interim recruitment as it allows you to focus less on staffing and more on your raison d’etre – programme delivery!

What results can I expect?

Through using our Programme Interims service you can expect to reduce your time spent on recruitment from 10 + hours, to only 10 minutes!

Furthermore, not only can you also can expect to inherit a dream team of industry-leading practitioners, with more of your time spent on programme delivery you’ll increase the odds of digital transformation success.

How should I sign up?

If you’re interested in joining us, you can contact us for a pre-market engagement here.

I’m still not sure…

If you have any further questions, just email us at info@mindfulcontract.co.uk.  

Also, if you’re still unsure about outsourcing your interim recruitment, you can head over to our blog article, What are the Common Concerns about Outsourcing your Recruitment?

In this post, we look at some of the most common fears that people have about outsourcing their recruitment and give you our response to them.

Ready to outsource your recruitment…

If you decide to use our Programme Interims service, then we can’t wait to get started and help build you an amazing client-side team!

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