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NatWest Business Hub

A business owner’s guide to NDAs

Non-disclosure agreements can help protect your company’s confidential information and intellectual property. Business owners explain when to use an NDA and what information should be included.

21 Jul 2020

People Management

Keep calm, it’s only IR35

It’s the scenario you hoped would never happen, but People Management‘s ultimate guide to private sector off-payroll rule changes means there’s no cause for alarm.

20 Feb 2020

Accountancy Age

HMRC updates internal guidelines in midst of IR35 review

While the IR35-adjacent CEST tool has received a direct update, HMRC’s manual shows a number of prospective CEST questions, designed to determine tax status.

22 Jan 2020

Personnel Today

IR35: Time for the private sector to get its house in order?

Do employers face a talent drain or can they still engage with a flexible, self-employed workforce without facing the wrath of HMRC?

16 Oct 2019