If you receive a compelling service, it is perfectly fine to pay an interim agency margin. However, interim agency margins are a fee that almost no one likes to pay!

This is because it’s a recurring fee that clients and contractors believe gets them absolutely no value for money whatsoever – besides the initial introduction.

At Mindful, this is something we really wanted to address. In a previous blog, Interim Agency Margin: Do you find yours too high?, we argued that interim agency margins are unjustifiably high.

We really wanted to offer our clients compelling value in-life and for our clients to recognise that any fee we take offers them great value of money.

In this blog post, we explore the unique value you can receive in lieu of recruitment agencies. This is something we like to call the Mindful advantage.

The sign-up process

The ethos behind our customer-engagement process is to always be on YOUR side even at the commercially-sensitive stage of negotiating a contract with you. But how do we do it?

Simple! By living our values of alignment, trust, balance and authenticity right from the word go.

When you negotiate with us, you will find: 

No resistance from us on limitation of liability. If we are insured for it, you can have it. We are confident you won’t ever need to use it.

You won’t be asked to pay anything more than what we charge other Government clients. For us, the Government is ONE customer.

You grossly OVER-estimated the time you allocated for contract negotiations with us. We reserve our energy for delivering services to you.

What service will you get?

Our goal is to not just place bodies – but instead to build for you a happier extended workforce. At Mindful we own you staffing, saving you 60% of your time to focus on Programme Delivery. We define the service you need, to fill the gaps in your existing team.

We’ll stand in for you in the contract market representing your programme just as you would. This helps to keep the noise down for your team and remain open for great talent 24/7. Furthermore, as we screen people to your standards, it ensures that you will hire right the first time.

Our pricing

If you have dealt with interim agencies before, you are probably used to paying margins upwards of 12%. In return, you probably get nothing more than search campaigns and contractor introductions. We don’t think this is a fair exchange for you.

With us, you won’t pay a penny more than ‘typical’ agency margins. In return, you get a much more involved service – that is geared to build not an assortment of contractors, but truly a Dream Team you will be proud of. 

Because we see all of Government as ONE customer, you will also not pay anything more than what we charge other Government customers.

We are also a small company and we keep it like that. This allows us not only to offer a dedicated service, but to keep costs down. This means we can ensure our margins are kept to a minimum – and fixed.

What’s Next?

If you want to attract and retain best-in-class professionals, who aren’t just good at what they do but can also work well with each other as a cohesive unit, check out our Programme Services.

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