Managed Commercial Services

Our Why

If you are responsible for a Major Digital programme in your organisation you are probably very reliant on suppliers for your success. Whilst a £50m spend may be significant for you, it probably only qualifies your organisation as a Tier-3 / Tier-4 customer for tech giants.

With our Managed Commercial services, we represent your interests in procurement and ongoing commercial management of high value contracts with your strategic suppliers.

Often, this takes the form of a high-calibre Commercial consultant deployed full-time and acting on your behalf. Through our early & dedicated Commercial participation we seek to ensure lasting positive outcomes for you and your supply chain.

The Mindful Advantage

At Mindful, we see Commercial Services as much wider than just provision of a contractor. We work with you in the service definition phase in order to make the requirement a business to business service rather than a personal service. This allows you to approve the assignment as an outside IR35 assignment, and opens you up to the whole of Commercial talent market. Our commercial expertise means this isn’t a service you can expect from a recruitment consultancy.

You will have access to a very wide and unconventional pool of talent base that we will draw upon in finding the right consultant for your needs. Our networks comprise of professionals associated with IACCM, CIPS and CIArB. Should it be necessary, we will also run a wider market search beyond our network and screen for the right individual to represent your interests.

You will be able to extend your Commercial workforce rightly, rapidly and economically.


Frequently Asked Questions

What price can these services be procured for?

The day rate for our consultants range from £650 at SFIA level 4 to £925 at SFIA level 7. For further information see our SFIA rate card.

How can I engage you?

If you are a public sector body, the best way to engage us is via G-Cloud. Our services qualify as Cloud Support – Lot 3. If you engage with us pre-market, we will share with you how other departments have awarded us.

As a public authority, would I have to issue a single tender to appoint you?

No. We discourage our clients from making direct awards to appoint us. Through our pre-market engagement, we will demonstrate our unique differentiators and how they relate to your specific requirements. We are confident that will allow you to fairly award us contracts through G-Cloud.

We have an in-house Commercial capability, but are only looking for adhoc specialist assistance. Could you help?

Whilst we do offer part-time engagement through this service, you may find that our Virtual Commercial Services more suited to adhoc engagement.

What commercial activities are covered under this service?

We cover the full-lifecyle: from pre-procurement activities to contract management and exit management.

Who’s used us

Our consultants have been engaged with high-profile Central Government departments. The range of programmes we support include: ERP programmes, technology platform spend, cyber security & other live services.