Managed Services for Client Side Delivery Support

What it is

At its most basic level, Client Side delivery support consists of a set of individuals (usually a mix of permanent staff and contractors) who meet your department’s obligations in a significant ICT programme where the delivery is outsourced to a systems integrator. Usually, the individuals form part of the programme governance. Any delay in their obligations has a knock-on effect on the programme timelines. This can result in delays leading to friction with the systems integrator and / or instead increased costs.

The Mindful difference

We regularly find departments wanting to follow a pathfinder on a technology journey often one to the Cloud. Unsurprisingly they want to build upon what the pathfinder has achieved. Access to the individuals and the teams who have been instrumental in delivery is therefore key to repeatable success. Often, the client site delivery support team consists of contingent labour or contractors who could choose to go their own ways on completion of the engagement. We act as a shared service for such talent – facilitating the retention of knowledge through a rotation of external talent across departments.

In summary, we offer you

  • a service already pre-designed for the interest of public sector organisations; giving you
  • The best chance of acquiring pathfinder knowledge & lowering operational risk by inheriting a team of contract workers you have no control of; at a
  • a low fixed margin.

Who’s used us

We have been engaged with a great Department of State, and provide a managed service focused on their Oracle Cloud programme, and will be expanding our service to other strategic areas or programmes within the department.

We are embarking a project similar to the one happening at another department? Can we re-use contract resources?

Our speciality and raison d’etre is to support the Government in scenarios like this. We could do this for Oracle Fusion programmes, as our current contract has resulted in a number of client side delivery support professionals on our books. We would certainly like to help. If you are exploring us for another programme, I would encourage you to still consider us, especially if there are going to be other departments following you on the journey.

Do you also help with search & find subcontractors, if there isn’t one known to the Government?

Absolutely. We use our recruitment partners to search the market and present to you the best options. It’s a great way of growing the list of known contractors.

Is it possible that we could share usage of subcontractors with another client?

Yes, certainly possible – if the subcontractors can cope and your programme plans already account them as half time resources. The subcontractors will bill us for their time on the two clients and we will bill the clients accordingly, ensuring no double billing. We would advise that such arrangements are done via us and the other client, rather than between the two of you. The latter would put you at risk of breaching the “control” requirement of the outside off payroll legislation.

Will we have access to your database of known contractors?

Yes. We manage the database, and can provide you insights into it. Personal information of the subcontractors will only be shared in compliance with GDPR provisions, which may mean us taking consent from the subcontractors, before we do this.