Programme Services

Tailor Made For Major Programmes

The client-side team sits at the heart of your programme. 

This team acts as a liaison between the end users of the new system in development, and the service providers who build the technology that underpins the system.

Industry-leading practitioners in your team will de-risk even the most challenging digital transformation projects.

But without a top-notch client-side team holding your fort, you are at a high risk of ending up with a programme that delivers late and costs more.

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Attract and Retain Best-in-Class Professionals

With our Programme Services, we seek to help you build a high-calibre client-side function that can operate on terms that are attractive to the best client-side professionals.

As programme practitioners ourselves, we know what it takes to build a high-quality team. We employ bespoke strategies to attract and retain best-in-class professionals, who aren’t just good at what they do but can also work well with each other as a cohesive unit. They’ve been there, done it, and share a common understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

But more than that. We know that quite often you will be too busy to recruit – and we can quickly fill the gaps in your team with as little input from you as possible.

Our Services For Digital Transformation Success

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Your path to the Cloud, simplified

With our Oracle Cloud pathfinder team as a service, you’ll inherit a proven team for your journey to the Cloud.

We’ll supplement your skills with subject matter expertise and industry-leading practitioners, to both speed up and de-risk even the most challenging digital transformation projects.

This is an outside IR35 service with multiple layers of protection. 

Further information for our Oracle Cloud pathfinder service.

Optimise chances of transformation success

With our Managed Service for Digital Transformation programmes, you’ll have experienced interims in you corner to help reframe the skill gaps in your in-house team.

Our client-side delivery practitioners will own the service fulfilment, ensuring your existing team are least distracted by staffing activities.

Further information for our Managed Service.

Who Is This For?

This is for Programme Leaders who…

Want to inherit a high-quality, winning team!

Want to deliver a gold standard approved Government Digital Transformation initiative.

Don’t have time to recruit – you crave a trusted partner to get on with it.

Wouldn’t mind trading cost for high quality. You want to see amazing results from your team and are happy to pay a little extra for best-in-class professionals.

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More Info On Our Programme Services

Can we re-use contract resources from a similar programme?

Our raison d’etre is to support the Government in scenarios like this. We could do this for Oracle Fusion programmes, as our current contract has resulted in a number of client-side delivery support professionals on our books.

If you are exploring us for another programme I would encourage you to still consider us, especially if there are going to be other departments following you on the journey.

Do you help with search and find subcontractors if there isn’t one known to the Government?

Absolutely. We use our recruitment partners to search the market and present you the best options. It’s a great way of growing the list of known contractors. See our How We Work page for more information.

Could we share usage of subcontractors with another client?

Yes, this is certainly possible if the subcontractors can cope and your programme plans already account them as half time resources. The subcontractors will bill us for their time on the two clients and we will bill the clients accordingly; thus ensuring no double billing.

We would advise that such arrangements are done via us and the other client, rather than between the two of you. The latter would put you at risk of breaching the “control” requirement of the outside offpayroll legislation (IR35).

Will we have access to your database of known contractors?

Yes. We manage the database and can provide you insights into it. Personal information of the subcontractors will only be shared in compliance with GDPR provisions. This may mean us taking consent from the subcontractors before we do this.

Who's Used Us

We have been engaged with a great Department of State, and provide a managed service focused on their Oracle Cloud programme with 40+ programme professionals.