Ad Hoc Commercial Expertise

Reimagining Commercial Consultancy

Commercial consultancy is an expensive service!

But chances are, not all of your consultants’ billable time is spent on high-stakes commercial consultancy – with follow-ups, general administration, and routine purchase order activity, still sitting within the consultants’ remit.

At Mindful we think the consulting model needs disruption – for clients to get great value for money, and for consultants to focus on what they do best.

There must be another way?

Employees looking at a whiteboard

Extend Your Commercial Workforce

With our Ad Hoc Commercial Expertise, you’ll get quality commercial support for your programme. We pre-define services that can be applied to a range of Commercial situations that Government departments are faced with.

You can now engage commercial professionals on a retainer basis over 3 tiers – each costing less than an FTE (full-time equivalent). Now there’s no need to blow your budget to get quality commercial support for your programme!

Whether you need a sounding board, deep-dive expertise or full-fledged management, we have a range of options on a retainer basis to cover your needs. Additionally, discrete support is available for commercial case drafting, sourcing, negotiations & dispute.


We had a lack of User Research and Content Design skills in the Programme. This requirement had remained unfilled over 7 months of working through the Contingent Labour process. Mindful delivered the immediate requirements with so much ease. We then had them stand up the entire user research team as a service - they accomplished this within equally impressive timescales.

Programme Manager, ICT and Services Transformation Programme

I had the pleasure of working very closely with Amit over an intense 10 month cycle from initial fact finding to case building and ultimately into successful resolution. Amit’s strong commercial mind-set was a key asset for me personally and to the project. His hard work and diligent nature helped us draw the complex strands of this issue together and production of key analysis.

Head of Commercial, Government Major Projects Portfolio

I like using Mindful because they get us intuitively. We often just have to send them a brief note of what we need to get high quality profiles presented to us, quite often the following day or soon after. Also, any feedback we gave them on an unsuccessful candidate immediately improved the fit of other profiles they subsequently presented.

Business Change Manager, Central Govt Department

The standardised reporting project has been a complex project, attempted several times before. It is a testament to Jaydeep and all the team members that it finally achieved the intended outcome. The helpful approach of actively reflecting on our demands and the system constraints to propose new options helped move the project forward. He made it easy to work with him and went above and beyond the norm.

Finance Director, Central Govt Department

Our Services For Commercial Consultancy

Service 1: Sounding Board

Use case: This service would suit customers concerned about the scale of the work at hand. 

Contact frequency: You will have contact with us through multiple means including bi-weekly face-to-face contact, email contact for simple matters throughout, and bi-weekly scheduled calls.

Fraction of FTE costs: 33%*

Service 2: Deep Dive

Use case: This service would suit customers who are looking for higher involvement on a programme. 

Contact frequency: You will have contact with us through multiple means including weekly face-to-face contact, email contact for simple matters throughout, and our availability for meetings. 

Fraction of FTE costs: 50%*

Service 3: Virtual Management

Use case: This service would suit customers where your appointed commercial manager is a 3-day or 4-day worker.

Contact frequency: You will have contact with us through multiple means, including weekly face-to-face contact, phone contact and email contact throughout.

Fraction of FTE costs: 75%*

For further pricing information, please see our Pricing Document.

*FTE costs calculated on a basis of earnings of £10,000 a month.

Who Is This For?

This is for Commercial Leaders who…

Want expert support over a range of commercial situations that Government departments are faced with. 

Don’t want to blow their budget to get quality commercial support. 

Want dispute management support – you will benefit from our experience in resolving high value disputes. 

Want assistance in establishing their sourcing / procurement strategy and plan. 

Amit and Ridhima Kapoor

More Info On Our Ad Hoc Commercial Expertise

Sounds good. Can this service be flexed?

Yes, add-ons allow us to flex the retainer packages, or alternatively increase our capacity for any discrete work packages you engage us on.

What price can these services be procured for?

Service 1: Sounding Board: £3300 + VAT
Service 2: Deep Dive: £5000 + VAT
Service 3: Virtual Management £7500 + VAT

For further pricing information, please see our Pricing Document.

Can I use it for dispute management?

Yes, you will benefit from our experience in resolving high value disputes. We work closely with your service management function, providing them with a commercial and contract touch point. Furthermore, we give proactive and reactive advice on supplier or contract issues that emerge or could emerge.

Can you manage our procurement?

Yes, we can lead or assist in establishing your sourcing / procurement strategy and plan. Find out more in our How We Work page.

Is this service IR35 friendly?

Absolutely! The service is pre-defined and fixed price. In terms of IR35 compliance, nothing could be more genuine a relationship than this.

Who will be assigned to work for us?

The services will be provided by our Director personally – or procured from our network of high-calibre Commercial professionals subcontracted via us.

Who's Used Us

Our consultants have been engaged with high-profile Central Government departments. The range of programmes we support include: ERP programmes, technology platform spend, cyber security & other live services.

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