There is often concern when hiring contractors for a set period of time to work on a digital transformation programme. Managers worry that interims will leave before the programme is completed. Although this is understandable, we have found that it’s often not the case. Contractors are as professional as permanent staff and as contracting is what they do, they tend not to jump around until a programme is fully accomplished. We have found that 92% of contractors see programmes through until completion.

These are some reasons why interims will stay committed to your programme.

Focused Contract

Statement of work-based contracts focus entirely on the job at hand and contractors are committed to delivering on the role they have been hired for. Contractors are used to doing these types of roles, and they are focused on the job at hand. When they start a contract, they generally don’t look for other jobs. We know that looking for a new contract can be challenging enough. Whilst most contractors don’t have the time or interest in looking for new contracts when they have secured a role.

Incremental Skill Benefit

Permanent employees are often more of a liability when it comes to retention. When you hire from inside the organisation, you are elevating the employee to a level where they are attaining high skills. Thus increasing their market worth. This ultimately leads to employees looking elsewhere for roles that pay better. Contrastingly, interims are always recruited into similar jobs. Therefore, there is less of a chance of them looking for more lucrative options. They have a specific day rate, for instance, and they don’t tend to divert from this.

Built on Reputation

Contractors depend on their reputation to get new offers, and this is one of the reasons they won’t leave a contract until it’s fully completed. They want to leave on a good note, so that they can potentially return in the future as, after all, contracts are not always easy to come by. Contractors are different from permanent employees in this respect, as most don’t return to a previous employer.


Contractors want the satisfaction of seeing a digital transformation programme until the end – they don’t want to leave during it and never see their completed work. Alternatively, they could end up leaving every contract they start, and never completing any; yet this doesn’t give them much fulfilment. Most contractors are just as keen as the company to see the result of their programmes. As we discussed in a previous blog, for one-off projects, contractors are the best choice.

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