We are delighted to announce that we are now accredited as a Bloom Accredited Supplier with Bloom Procurement Services.

Our managed professional services can now be procured on the Bloom framework.

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Amit Kapoor – Director of Mindful Contract Solutions

What is a Bloom Accredited Supplier?

Bloom is a marketplace framework that allows access to a thriving community of users and practitioners.

As a Bloom Accredited Supplier, we will be a supplier of NEPRO³. This is the faster, compliant alternative to traditional public sector frameworks for specialist professional services and consultancy.

Recognised as one of the fastest-growing marketplaces for buying services in the UK, Bloom Procurement Services have been the UK’s exclusive operator of the NEPRO solution since its original inception in 2012.

NEPRO³ provide an OJEU compliant managed procurement service covering:

  • Specification development
  • Supplier identification & onboarding
  • Full contract management
  • Lessons learned upon successful delivery of outcomes.

All outcomes, project deliverables and milestones are defined at the outset, with fixed pricing and a clear invoicing process.

Our Services on Bloom

As a Bloom Accredited Supplier, we can support public sector buyers with our pool of experienced consultants and practitioners.

We have a breadth of skills and knowledge at our disposal covering Training Management, BI consultancy and PMO leadership.

When we need to engage new consultants, we screen them, and if found unsuitable we are quick to replace them, with no loss of service to you.

De-risk your implementation and upskill and increase the capacity and capability of your team with our proven combination of talent.

Get in Touch

We are thrilled to have been chosen as a supplier of NEPRO³ by Bloom Procurement Services.

Visit our How we work page or contact us on info@mindfulcontract.co.uk to see how we can help resource your digital transformation programme. 

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